Veteran Collaboratories

Got Your 6 uses the principles of collective impact to facilitate collaboration between aligned organizations in the veteran community. As the campaign approaches its fourth anniversary—and after demonstrating measurable success—it is eager to evolve and advance its system of organizing and action for veteran-focused nonprofits.

In early 2015, Got Your 6 piloted its veteran collaboratory project in order to enhance progress, growth, impact, and influence of its partners, and the veteran empowerment movement as a whole.

Derived from the words “collaboration” and “laboratory,” the term “collaboratory” is borrowed from the scientific research community. It refers to a networked system with social processes; collaboration techniques; formal and informal communication; and agreement on norms, values, and rules (adapted from Cogburn, 2003).

Got Your 6 held its second collaboratory in 2016, which gathered about 35 major stakeholders in the veteran empowerment movement. Future gatherings will include additional stakeholders from the private sector, foundations, and government.

Collaboratories will focus primarily on the needs of participating parties. Through professional facilitation, participants will engage in human-centered design processes, social credit exercises, joint project development, and other activities to drive collaborative efforts.