Got Your 6 Welcomes Nonprofits to Veteran Empowerment Coalition

Members include America's Warrior Partnership, Service to School, Travis Manion Foundation, Warrior-Scholar Project

WASHINGTON (October 13, 2016) – The veteran empowerment campaign Got Your 6 today welcomed four new members to its Veteran Empowerment Coalition, which is focused on achieving widespread social change through the power of collective impact. New coalition members include America’s Warrior Partnership, Service to School, Travis Manion Foundation, and the Warrior-Scholar Project.

“Warrior-Scholar Project knows that veterans transition out of service seeking new challenges, and many turn their energies toward the pursuit of higher education. By becoming part of the Got Your 6 coalition, our organization’s warrior-scholars can benefit from the synergy created by a multitude of veteran service organizations to increase their opportunities for community leadership once they have completed their education and obtained a degree from a top school.” said Warrior-Scholar Program Executive Director Sidney Ellington. “WSP believes that a quality education from a top school is the key to transforming the veteran from a civic asset into a civic leader. Empowering these types of civic leaders can have a transformational impact on our nation’s communities.”

With these new members, the Got Your 6 Veteran Empowerment Coalition now totals 34 nonprofit partners who serve as the campaign’s subject matter experts and work with entertainment industry partners to drive strategic objectives. Got Your 6’s coalition has the unique ability to leverage their networks to enhance the work each organization is accomplishing on the ground. Since forming in 2012, the coalition has positively impacted the lives of nearly 2.1 million veterans and military families.

“The addition of these four world class nonprofits to the Veteran Empowerment Coalition highlights our innovative and collaborative approach to serving the military, families, and veterans,” said Iraq War veteran and Got Your 6 Executive Director Bill Rausch. “As our 2016 Veterans Civic Health Index demonstrated, veterans are actively leading in their communities. Our coalition members are working in every small town and big city helping empower our vets to strengthen our nation.”

“Joining the Got Your 6 Veteran Empowerment Coalition is an ideal fit for America’s Warrior Partnership,” said America’s Warrior Partnership President Jim Lorraine. “Our missions align perfectly – each with a focus on empowering veterans and the communities where they live. Together, we will focus on a stronger collective impact; thus, we welcome the opportunity to work in unison with the coalition.”

“Service to School is honored to be included as a coalition partner of Got Your 6,” said Service to School Executive Director Beth Morgan. “Service to School has literally ‘got your six’ when it comes to matching veterans with other veterans, mentoring, and enabling each other to achieve their greatest potential through higher education. It is a wonderful fit for us to continue this ‘pay-it-forward’ model in Got Your 6, working together to empower veterans on an even greater scale by actively demonstrating our deep appreciation for our veterans’ service to us all as Americans.”

“TMF is honored to be a member of a coalition that recognizes veterans as civic assets, and we’re humbled to be part of the larger effort to empower these individuals within the community,” said Travis Manion Foundation President Ryan Manion. “There’s something very profound to be learned about the strength of character exhibited by our veterans and their families. And believe me, I’m seeing examples of that character more and more every day. Through the leadership of Got Your 6 and with the support of our fellow coalition members, we’re very excited to share that strength of character with the rest of the world and build it in America’s next generation. We’ve got a lot of work to do. And the key to all of this depends on partnership and collective impact. My friend Bill Rausch says it best: ‘Look out – because, together, we’re bringing the BOOM!’”

The new members of the Veteran Empowerment Coalition include:

America’s Warrior Partnership empowers communities to empower veterans. They are committed to supporting, mentoring, and improving community integration programs throughout the country. America’s Warrior Partnership is a value-driven, solution-focused organization dedicated to proactive outreach to all warriors complemented by collaboration, not competition. America’s Warrior Partnership is committed to supporting, mentoring, and improving community services to Empower Warriors. The organization partners with agencies and their communities in order to offer financial support, program development and evaluation, leadership mentoring, and best practices consultative services.

Service to School (S2S) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides free application counseling to military veterans. Our goal is to help veterans win admission to the best universities possible and to help them maximize their education benefits. Through education benefits, the nation has proved its commitment to help veterans help themselves, but it is also an important investment in our country’s human capital, because veterans will grow our economy just as they did in the decades following World War II. As an organization and as a country, we can ensure that the education benefits provided to veterans today are as effective – indeed, as transformative – as they were for the Greatest Generation.

Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) empowers veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations. In 2007, 1st Lt Travis Manion (USMC) was killed in Iraq while saving his wounded teammates. Today, Travis’ legacy lives on in the words he spoke before leaving for his final deployment, “If Not Me, Then Who…” Guided by this mantra, veterans continue their service, develop strong relationships with their communities, and thrive in their post-military lives. As a result, communities prosper and the character of our nation’s heroes live on in the next generation.

The Warrior-Scholar Project consists of immersive one to two week long academic boot camps hosted at America’s top universities during the summer breaks, which are designed to: facilitate the often difficult transition enlisted veterans face when moving from a military culture to the academic culture inherent on college campuses; demonstrate and explain the foundational skills and methods that highly successful college students use; increase veteran graduation rates; and, prepare student-veterans to be leaders in the classroom.

They join existing empowerment coalition members American Red Cross, Blue Star Families, Bob Woodruff Foundation, Community Solutions, GI Film Festival, Give an Hour, Goodwill Industries International, Habitat for Humanity, Hiring Our Heroes, Institute for Veterans & Military Families, Justice For Vets, Military Child Education Coalition, Military Family Research Institute, NCIRE-The Veterans Health Research Institute, Pat Tillman Foundation, Points of Light, Service Year Alliance, Sierra Club, StoryCorps, Student Veterans of America, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Teach for America, Team Red, White & Blue, Team Rubicon, The 6th Branch, The Mission Continues, USO, Veteran Artist Program, Veterans in Film and Television, and Volunteers of America.

About Got Your 6
Got Your 6 is a national campaign dedicated to empowering veterans and strengthening communities across the nation. The campaign unites cross-sector partners who believe that veterans are uniquely suited to tackle society’s most pressing challenges. Got Your 6 believes that veterans are best served when they continue their service here at home. As a coalition, Got Your 6 integrates these perspectives into popular culture, brings together veterans and non-veterans in order to foster understanding, and empowers veterans to lead a resurgence of community here at home.