Got Your 6 Praises Sec. McDonald, Commits to Working with Dr. Shulkin to Continue VA Reforms

Group supports Trump Administration’s efforts to finish transformation McDonald started

WASHINGTON (Jan. 11, 2017) — Upon news that David J. Shulkin, MD, the current VA Under Secretary for Health, was selected by President-elect Trump to run the Department of Veterans Affairs, Got Your 6 congratulated Dr. Shulkin and thanked outgoing Secretary Bob McDonald for his selfless service.

“Over the last two-plus years, Sec. McDonald has righted a massive ship and set the Department of Veterans Affairs on a course that will eventually make it a model agency” said Iraq War veteran and Got Your 6’s Executive Director Bill Rausch. “By putting veterans first, Sec. McDonald has led the VA during a critical time when VA patients and staff — and really the entire country — were writing it off as a failed department. Sec. McDonald’s transparent and collaborative leadership style helped bring together all of us in the veterans community who are working towards the common goal of reshaping and reforming the VA. Not only is he credited for leading the department out of crisis, he should be celebrated for bringing in the right people, like Dr. Shulkin, who has propelled VA along a transformational path that sets the next administration up for success. Although Dr. Shulkin does not have military experience, we have worked with him closely in his current role and have seen first-hand his unwavering commitment to our nation’s veterans. VA’s success is our veterans’ success, and we look forward to working with Dr. Shulkin, his staff, and the entire Trump Administration to ensure that veterans continue to be put first.”


Mark Szymanski
Got Your 6