Got Your 6’s #IAm campaign highlights veterans’ multi-dimensional attributes, challenging stereotypes and misconceptions in order to normalize perceptions of those who have served in the military.  As the cultural narrative changes, Got Your 6 engages veterans and civilians together to foster understanding, and empower veterans to lead in their communities. Click on the photographs below to meet 36 veterans who are just like you.

 If you’re a veteran and would like to join the #IAm campaign, you can easily change your social media profile pictures hereAfter you change your profile pictures, share on social media and encourage all your veteran friends to join the #IAm campaign with you in celebration of veterans everywhere this Veterans Day

Macy's & Their Employees Join The #IAm Campaign

Macy’s understands the great value of a veteran in the work place!  Macy’s and their military veteran employees join Got Your 6’s #IAm campaign to show their multi-dimensional attributes and the skills they bring to Macy’s. Meet 16 veterans from Macy’s below!