My Internship at Got Your 6

Posted August 11, 2016 by Theo Albert

How can someone who has never served help those who have dedicated their lives to service?

That was the main question I had entering into my internship at Got Your 6. Regardless of politics, the majority of Americans deeply respect the service of veterans; however, many Americans don’t understand veterans or how to appreciate them for their service.

Before interning at Got Your 6, I was in that majority. I’ve never had any veterans in my family and I admittedly held many of the same misconceptions about the stereotypical damaged and vulnerable veteran. If I were asked how to support our veterans my answer would have been completely confined to addressing those misconceptions.

But now, after working at Got Your 6, I’ve found a far simpler and accurate answer: help them continue to serve. A veteran is not someone who is tired and vulnerable but someone who is active and craving to serve their country further. Every veteran I met during my internship was unsatisfied with all they have already done and want to serve more. As civilians we need to shift our perspectives and start utilizing veterans in our work force and communities.

Working in a small office with a collection of veterans and civilians has helped me understand what service really looks like. The staff at Got Your 6 all work tirelessly to inform the public about the value of veterans. Even though I only worked at Got Your 6 for one month I can safely say that I’ve never met a group of people more dedicated to sharing their message. This dedication speaks to the Got Your 6 ethos itself; an innate desire to serve that transcends a military career.

Thank you everyone at Got Your 6 for this amazing experience, the work you do is invaluable and I’ll help spread your ethos as best I can.

Theo Albert is a student at Amsterdam University College and 2016 summer intern at Got Your 6.