Empowering Veterans. Strengthening Communities.

Why it matters

For the past decade, our country has framed “veteran reintegration” as a major societal problem or struggle. On the contrary, Got Your 6 believes that it is crucial for Americans to see veteran reintegration as an opportunity, because veterans are uniquely suited to solve some of our nation’s most difficult challenges.

The average American has little first-hand connection to the military and often believes that, in general, veterans are much more likely than civilians to experience unemployment, substance abuse, homelessness, and various other issues. These notions are largely misconceptions. They paint a picture of veterans as “broken.” As a result, veterans often say they feel more pity than respect from the civilian population.

When veterans fail to successfully reintegrate, it is often because their communities do not expect them to succeed or excel. Got Your 6 believes that if the country does not call upon returning veterans, then we will miss out on a generation of leaders.

Each year, around a quarter-million service members exit the military and re-enter civilian life. It is essential that Americans see the potential for veterans to strengthen our communities. Got Your 6 works to ensure that veterans return home to be seen as leaders and civic assets.

Who Are We Reaching

Got Your 6 is a campaign for all Americans—because the country should benefit from the leadership and skills that veterans carry with them after leaving the military. For civilians, Got Your 6 helps to dispel misconceptions and myths about who veterans are and what they have to offer. For veterans, Got Your 6 ensures that they are empowered to lead by uniting the nations’ best veteran empowerment organizations.