Entertainment Industry


The entertainment industry is the catalyst for the Got Your 6 campaign’s message. A robust awareness campaign fosters understanding and draws attention to the work that the campaign’s nonprofit partners are performing across the country.

The goal of the campaign is to bridge the civilian-military divide, and a major collaborative effort has been established to carry out this unprecedented awareness campaign. The campaign will be brought to the American people though a national publicity effort that brings to bear the assets of Got Your 6’s numerous partners—crossing television, print, radio and social media platforms.

Got Your 6’s entertainment industry partners are the major studios, networks and talent agencies in Hollywood. Working together, these companies provide strategic direction and resources critical to the success of the campaign. Executives from each company meet regularly, and the industry leads efforts for media coverage, script integration, events, and the support of talent and executives.

Through the reach and resources the entertainment industry, Got Your 6 speaks to all Americans with the clear message that veterans are leaders and civic assets.

Nonprofit and Gov’t


The nonprofit partners of Got Your 6 have established tangible and measurable goals in six key pillars of veteran reintegration: jobs, education, health, housing, family and leadership. Eight of the nonprofit partners have taken leading roles and created commitments in each of the six pillars that will have demonstrated impact. With the help of the Clinton Global Initiative, Got Your 6 will track and report on the metrics behind these goals.

Lead nonprofit partners develop a plan to track progress toward the goals, establish a method to engage the general public, and formulate a strategy to utilize the resources of the campaign. Strategic partners provide guidance to the campaign, contribute unique best practices, and assist in the execution of the activation campaign across all pillars.

These nonprofits serve as the subject matter experts for the Got Your 6 campaign and work with the entertainment industry partners to drive strategic objectives. The coalition of nonprofits involved with Got Your 6 has the unique ability to leverage their networks to enhance the work each organization is accomplishing on the ground. The power of collective impact is a crucial part of the success of Got Your 6.

Alongside these nonprofits, Got Your 6 engages with a number of federal government stakeholders. The campaign and its partners are grateful to these government entities for their continued counsel. Through the combined efforts of many partners, Got Your 6 demonstrates a true model of cross sector collaboration, bringing the public, private, and nonprofit sectors together in support of the campaign’s mission.

The activation campaign and nonprofit partners ensure that our military veterans return home to be seen as civic assets and leaders, creating opportunities for veterans and civilians to join together to reinvigorate our communities.



The annual operating budget of the Got Your 6 campaign is underwritten through the generous support of our sponsors and funders. All donations directly support the work of the Got Your 6 campaign. In 2013 and 2014, Got Your 6 distributed more than $4.2 million in grants to our nonprofit partners.

Got Your 6 uses the funding received from sponsors and funders to support activation and awareness-driving activities through public relations, marketing, web, social media, production, events, advertising, and campaign management.

Corporate Sponsorships are a vital part of Got Your 6’s mission. These sponsorships support the veteran empowerment movement and work to normalize the depictions of veterans in film and television. We tailor partnerships to meet the goals of each Corporate Sponsor while also meeting our mission to facilitate collaborations amongst veteran-focused nonprofit, Hollywood, and government partners.

Please contact Cindy Goldberg,, if you’d like to learn more about corporate support including sponsorships, partnerships and other opportunities.


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