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Got Your 6 Community Champions

Got Your 6 Community Champions provides updates on the stories and events continually unfolding within the larger Got Your 6 family of organizations, people, and causes.

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Got Your 6 Community Champions

Our flagship community program—the Got Your 6 Community Champions program—was created with the intent to support and highlight the outstanding work being done by a wide variety of nonprofit groups within the veteran workspace across the country. These organizations are working toward the same goals as our strategic and lead activation partners—bridging the civilian-military divide, and providing avenues through which veterans and military families are viewed as assets within their communities.

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Highlighting A Community Champion


Rally Point

A “one stop shop” for veterans and military families; Got Your 6 Community Champion RallyPoint/6™ is striving to become a community catalyst in Washington State that capitalizes on the benefits of community-based care, creating a strategy of systematic change that simultaneously guards against risk and has measurable outcomes. This is accomplished through a combination of convenient physical locations, an accessible virtual domain, and future satellite centers within the state. The RP/6 model is designed to harness the resources already available within the community in order to provide veterans and military families with an integrated and accessible pathway to wellness.

In their ongoing Project Reno, RP/6 has logged over 500 hours of volunteer service dedicated to opening a new veterans center, which included the demolition and reframing of a 6,000 square feet building at an expense that has not yet exceeded $5,000.00. The Grand Opening of their site is scheduled for September 15th. You can track their progress and meaningful work on the RallyPoint/6 blog.


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